Hi, I am Whitney Minten. I am an award-winning children's Fine Art photographer, wife and mother to three amazing children. My children have transformed me into the woman and artist I am today. They are and will always be my motivation and muse in photography.
I produce images that exude personality and emotion. I’m passionate about photographing children and recording all those funny, serious, happy, playful expressions that define who they really are. Raising three children has equipped me with a few ‘tricks’ for how to get their personality to shine! I generally receive their full attention during a shoot and I believe my images showcase that connection I make with each person. I’d love to capture your children as I see them, in a relaxed, fun, unique style that sets my images apart from other photographers.

My Experience

I have several degrees in biology, computer science and robotics. While at university and as part of several robotics startups, I wrote code to control robots and their various sensors, including cameras. I also trained experts on how to use these robots in a variety of settings, from search and rescue workers operating in a disaster, to astronauts training on the seafloor. I worked for several years at an optical spectrometer company where I programmed spectrometers and learned the physics behind light and color at their most fundamental levels. Later, I taught Photoshop and graphic design as an adjunct professor. Yet, it wasn’t until after I became a mom that I picked up a camera for the purpose of creating art. This unconventional career path allows me to bring to bear a diverse technical background that promises a unique depth to my work.

Awards and Features


• January 2024 - Gold and Two silver awards in Professional Photographers of America's (PPA) International Photographic Competition (IPC) for 2024

• November 2023 - Finalist in the Professional Photographers of America's (PPA) International Photographic Competition (IPC) for 2024

• September 2023 - The Portrait Masters Associate Accreditation

• September 2023 - Two silvers merits and 3 images placed in the top 20 best images (3rd, 8th and 15th place) in The Portrait Masters Awards

• May 2023 - CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) Competition Award

• May 2023 - WPPA Outstanding Achievement Award

• May 2023 - WPPA Creative Genius Award

• May 2023 - WPPA 2nd Place in the Photographic Open

• May 2023 - WPPA Best of Show Award for "Center of Attention"

• May 2023 - WPPA Court of Honor Portrait Award for "Rose Red"

• May 2023 - WPPA Wisconsin Top Ten Award

• May 2023 - WPPA Clean Sweep Award

• May 2023 - WPPA Judges Choice Award for "Theia"

• May 2023 - WPPA Judges Choice Award for "Scarab"

• May 2023 - Placed 12th in the world for the best Child Portrait Photographer in the 35Awards


• May 2023 - Image placed 13th in the Child Portrait 100 Best Single Photos (out of 446K images

submitted from 163 countries) in the 35Awards

• May 2023 - Grand Master of Children and Family Photography from Magical Childhood

Photography Awards

• April 2023 - PPA Image Excellence Award for her image

• January 2023 - PPA Certified Professional Photographer

• January 2022 - January 2023: Nine silver merits from The Portrait Masters

• May 2022 - Winner for the Creative Category in The Portrait Masters


Featured in:

• SeniorInspire, 2023 Top 100 Influencers

• RangeFinder

• Child Couture

• This Magazine

• Fotoluby

• Magical Childhood Photography Magazine

• Forger Magazine

• Summerana

• International Kid Model Magazine

“All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.”

— André Breton

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